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Game Recap
by posted 05/08/2021

Thank you everyone for coming out to the game today! The girls played really well against a very strong team and they should feel great about their effort and engagement in the game. In fact, the Ticks Senior 8 girls played this same team last night when we were practicing and they had a very tough, competitive game. Ticks Senior 8 eeked out a one point win. At our game, we were down by only one goal at half. During the second half, the opposing team played their strong senior 8 players and that's where we dropped by a few points. But we stayed very competitive throughout the entire second half. So while we had a loss, we actually can feel very good about our game!

This was the first game for a few of our players and the second for several others. There is a lot of natural talent out there and with each practice and game, skill sets and understanding of the game will develop exponentially. 

I want to give Emma Rose a special thank you for playing on goal the entire game! Emma got several saves in and did a great job communicating with the team. This is a difficult and challenging position and she stepped up to the job and we are proud of her performance. 

The game wasn't without a couple of bumps, bruises and scrapes. I want to make sure that all parents remain keenly aware of their daughter's health after a game – particularly if they were injured during the game. Headaches, dizziness or any other unusual symptoms should be taken seriously.

We will work more scrimmaging into our practices and that means the girls will have to work on their stick work at home whenever they can. As I've said before, the more time they get comfortable holding and cradling the ball in the stick, the better they will be on the fied. Passing/catching also needs to a part of the girls' "homework". A few minutes spent tossing them the ball to your daughter will get them that much further in their skill level.

Thank you again for your support at our games! And a very Happy Mother's Day to all of our moms!

Coach Gilbert

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Game and uniforms
by posted 05/07/2021

Good evening team. Great practice tonight! 

We have several new members to the team and a few do not have uniforms. 

Please respond to me if you do not have a uniform. I am trying to locate as many as I can.


If you have received a temporary uniform and your own uniform has arrived, please let me know and also please bring it tomorrow.


For those who do not have a uniform, please wear black or navy blue shorts tomorrow. I am hoping that we have enough jerseys.

See you tomorrow!

Coach Gilbert

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Practice Tonight & Game Tomorrow
by posted 05/07/2021

Happy Friday!

We will have a chance to put our skills to work this weekend. Please RSVP for tomorrow morning's game if you haven't already done so. We play against Stonington at Stonington HS. Warmups are at 10am.

Address: 176 South Broad St, Pawcatuck CT 06379

Sunday is Mother's Day. No games scheduled, so relax and have a great time pampering mom!

Also remember to fill out the COVID screening before each practice and game. See you at tonight's practice!

Coach Gilbert

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Picture Day ~ Link to Order
by posted 05/05/2021

Picture day is scheduled for Sunday, May 16th at Town Woods for all teams.  The schedule for each team's timeslot will be posted by the end of the week.  All pictures are to be pre-ordered this year.  Any questions can be directed to  .

To follow is the link to place your orders.  

**Online Ordering** To order your picture package online, please visit:


Under Private Galleries enter “LAXCTT

You must place your order online by midnight Sunday, May16th.



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by posted 05/04/2021



Fundraiser Dates:  May 4 - May 18 



Show your support for TICKS Lacrosse with Helmet Numbers, Helmet Decals, Car Decals and Magnets! 

Don’t delay, order now! Use the link below to place your order for TICKS Lacrosse Decals and Magnets.  Order now event ends on May 18th. Any questions can be directed to .

All orders will be shipped directly to you via USPS once the event ends on May 18th. 






Go Ticks!    







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Practice tonight plus game cancellations
by posted 04/30/2021

Happy Friday Senior 7!

As most of you know, both of our weekend games have been cancelled. The first was due to the opposing team not having enough players, the second was COVID related on the opposing team. Disappointing for coaches and players alike. We did have a game added to our schedule for Sunday, May 23, against Madison at Madison. 

We will have practice this evening, and if we are lucky, we will scrimmage against the Senior 8 team. This will give us "game-like" experience which is beneficial for all, particularly our new players.

Speaking of new players, we welcomed a new group this week. Samantha, Kelly and Abby from LOL. With the recent additions of Emma Rose and Grace, this brings our team up to 17! We are thrilled to have these players join our team and as last weekend's game showed, they are importatnt for team success!

Congratulations to all on last weekend's games! We won against E. Lyme 15-6 and North Haven 14-3. I've learned that with comfortable spreads like that, we need to move to a passing game. Winning is great, but skill building is crucial. If we're lucky to have such spreads in the future, know that an informal passing rule will probably be implemented.

Some sad news: our goalie Savannah has broken a big toe. Her doctor is recommending that she avoid strenuous activity for 2 weeks in hopes of it healing quickly. Best of luck in Savannah's healing! With that, we will be in need of support from within our team to take her place while she's out. Kendall and Olive did a great job last weekend. This evening we will be asking who else from our team might be willing to give it a shot. 

Please remember to fill out your COVID pre-screening waiver before each practice and game. That link can be found here. It also can be found on the main Ticks Lacrosse page on the navigation bar. COVID Screening Waivers if you have multiple players in your family.

Another reminder is to make sure players come to practice and games without jewelry. It's just a common sense approach to player safety during practice and a rule during games.

We will remind players tonight to keep their skills up by practicing at home. Cradling, passing, catching and ground balls should all be done for a few minutes (at least) each day just to build more comfort with the stick and improve on these important essentials. 

See you tonight!

Coach Gilbert

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by posted 03/15/2021

Aligning with US Lacrosse guidelines for Return to Play for the 2021 Lacrosse Season, to follow is a link to a COVID-19 Waiver/Release Form that is required to be signed by all players and parents in order for your son/daughter to participate.  Thank you to those that have already completed the waiver.  If the waiver is not completed, your child will not be able to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact   or  .

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