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Weekend Update 5/9/21
by posted 05/09/2021

Dear U14 Tick Families,

I hope you had a nice weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers on our team. We are a little over halfway through our season. On behalf of all the coaches, I would like to thank you for allowing your son to be on the team. Each and every boy is trying their personal best. Thank you for supporting their growth in lacrosse.

This weekend was a case of two different games. On Saturday, although there were some moments of greatness, it was a very tough game for us. We were just not there to play and could not get it going. Today was a different story. Although the end result was a loss, we did so much better. We had great defensive stands. We are working hard on poke checking, knowing when to commit and when to wait, how to use our bodies to force them back to GLE and down the alley, and finally, when to slide and then cover. Hats off to CJ for standing strong in goal. He must have bruises on every extremity from the ball. On offense, we are still looking to make improvements. We need more movement, picks, not playing catch with the goalie, seeing their slides and finding the open man, and quite frankly some stings of catching and passing without drops of the ball. We will get there!

I would like to acknowledge the fact that there is great diversity in the skill level and athletic ability of the players on our team. Our goal is to improve each player’s skills, knowledge of the game (lacrosse IQ), and hopefully the love of the game. I have been impressed with the growth I have seen in the players from the first game until now. Many of these boys did not touch a lacrosse stick since their grade 5 season and there was a lot of rust. Further, I have been impressed with our players’ inclusion of all – regardless of skill or experience. They are a great bunch of boys.

As families, I can imagine it might get frustrating to see us lose so often or to see passes dropped, groundballs left for the other team, or throw to seemingly no one. These are our boys, and they are doing their very best and learning on the fly. The expectation of parents and supporters of our team is to always be positive.  All that we and the other families on the sidelines should hear from you is “good job, nice try, good hustle, you’ll get them next time, etc…” You are modeling for your boys what it means to be supportive families who are focused on growth in skill and for the boys to have fun.

Again, it is a joy to coach your son. Continued hard work will yield growth.



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Picture Day ~ Link to Order
by posted 05/05/2021

Picture day is scheduled for Sunday, May 16th at Town Woods for all teams.  The schedule for each team's timeslot will be posted by the end of the week.  All pictures are to be pre-ordered this year.  Any questions can be directed to  .

To follow is the link to place your orders.  

**Online Ordering** To order your picture package online, please visit:


Under Private Galleries enter “LAXCTT

You must place your order online by midnight Sunday, May16th.



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by posted 05/04/2021



Fundraiser Dates:  May 4 - May 18 



Show your support for TICKS Lacrosse with Helmet Numbers, Helmet Decals, Car Decals and Magnets! 

Don’t delay, order now! Use the link below to place your order for TICKS Lacrosse Decals and Magnets.  Order now event ends on May 18th. Any questions can be directed to .

All orders will be shipped directly to you via USPS once the event ends on May 18th. 






Go Ticks!    







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2021 COVID Required Pre-Screen before Practice/Games
by posted 03/19/2021

Aligning with US Lacrosse guidelines for Return to Play for the 2021 Lacrosse Season, to follow is a link to a COVID-19 Pre-Screening Form that is required to be filled out by all players before every practice and game in order for your son/daughter to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact   or  .


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by posted 03/15/2021

Aligning with US Lacrosse guidelines for Return to Play for the 2021 Lacrosse Season, to follow is a link to a COVID-19 Waiver/Release Form that is required to be signed by all players and parents in order for your son/daughter to participate.  Thank you to those that have already completed the waiver.  If the waiver is not completed, your child will not be able to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact   or  .

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