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by posted 02/23/2021

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2021 Lacrosse Season Update
by posted 02/12/2021

We hope that you and your families are well.  As we begin to prepare for the 2021 Lacrosse Season, we are all moving forward with the assumption that we will once again have a season for the kids to play in the spring. CONNY and US Lacrosse have already put in place several guidelines and recommendations that all the participating clubs will have to follow this season and we can expect these recommendations to change or for more guidelines to be required as we get closer to the start of the season.

As many of you probably would expect one of the first new requirements will be that each player prior to the start of the season will have to have a parent complete and sign a COVID Waiver form (via google forms). This form similar to the injury waiver forms that all the tournaments require will state that the parents understand the risk of practicing and playing a sport that puts their child in close contact with other children which will increase their risk of contracting COVID if a unknowingly asymptomatic player participates at practice or game play. The club nor the club insurance will be held responsible for any players who contract COVID during the course of their participation in the Spring Lacrosse season. If a player is discovered to have contracted COVID we will be following the standard contact tracing and quarantine guidelines.

Yet another change/requirement that we will need to follow is prior to each practice there will be a Google form that every parent of a player will receive, this form will be a mandatory COVID health “screening” questionnaire. Before a player can participate in the days practice or events the questionnaire will need to be completed and the teams coach(s) will have to confirm receipt and review each form to provide clearance to participate for that days events. It is important to stress the point that no child will be able to participate in practice/game unless this form has been completed.

At this point, we have all become used to the requirement of wearing a mask out in public and when interacting with others, for the 2021 Ticks season all players will be required to wear a mask while on the sidelines and on the field. As of today we will also have to eliminate any spectators at the games or practices, parents will be expected to wait in their cars during practice or game time. We will not have the ability to police social distancing on the spectator side of the field therefore we have to adopt the no spectator rule. This rule however, is one that most recently is under review as the vaccine becomes more available and the numbers continue to drop in CT, so for now we are moving forward with it but we are also expecting that this might be one of the rules that changes as the season progresses. More to come on the rules and changes as we get closer to the start of the season and receive more guidance from US Lacrosse and or the State of CT.

Lastly, an email was sent out about uniforms. Please make sure to order your uniform by the Thursday, February 18th, so that your son/daughter will have their uniform in time.  The link to order is here.

As more information is provided to us, we will keep you all apprised of the upcoming season.

Thank you, stay warm, stay safe,


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