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Picture Day ~ Link to Order
by posted 05/05/2021

Picture day is scheduled for Sunday, May 16th at Town Woods for all teams.  The schedule for each team's timeslot will be posted by the end of the week.  All pictures are to be pre-ordered this year.  Any questions can be directed to  .

To follow is the link to place your orders.  

**Online Ordering** To order your picture package online, please visit:


Under Private Galleries enter “LAXCTT

You must place your order online by midnight Sunday, May16th.



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by posted 05/04/2021



Fundraiser Dates:  May 4 - May 18 



Show your support for TICKS Lacrosse with Helmet Numbers, Helmet Decals, Car Decals and Magnets! 

Don’t delay, order now! Use the link below to place your order for TICKS Lacrosse Decals and Magnets.  Order now event ends on May 18th. Any questions can be directed to .

All orders will be shipped directly to you via USPS once the event ends on May 18th. 






Go Ticks!    







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Practice 4/29 Rescheduled
by posted 04/29/2021

Hello All -

Due to the likelihood of rain this afternoon the town will probably tell us to stay off the fields so we are going to reschedule for tomorrow night Friday the 30th. We will be on the same field at the same time 6-7:30. Realizing this is a last minute change we are hoping that everyone can be flexible and attend. 

Over the past week I received a few emails asking what the boys can do away from practice to help improve their skills and ultimately their game success. At this stage as we can see from the 4 games we've played, the boys have really improved their understanding of positioning and field spacial awareness but they are struggling with the basic skills of passing, catching and cradling. Their struggle with these skills is the main difference right now between wins and losses on the scoreboard.  Basic skills is a topic we discuss and work on at every practice but at this age it also requires them to have the stick in their hand when they are away from the scheduled team events.  A rebounder, a friend, a sibling, a brick wall or parent willing to go out and throw around the ball with them will go a long way and help them tremendously. With just a few extra hours a week of throwing and catching the ball you will see huge improvements on the field. I realize that Rebounders can be pricey (new) but there are often used ones on Craigslist or FB for sale, so if you think lacrosse is a sport your son will want to play for the next few years I definitely recommend getting one. 

Another area where as a team we are struggling is with focus at practice. The boys hear from us all the time "how you practice is how you end up playing in the games".  As coaches we expect that all the kids give us the time, attention and respect that they are expected to give when they go into school every day. For the past few practices we have had to stop practice and address the lack of attention and dedication to practice with the boys. This is not uncommon with any team (especially at this age), we understand that they are excited to see their friends, and attention span is always a challenge. In the past when parents have helped us reiterated the message of focus and respect we see a noticeable difference and does help the team get better, so any mention to your son about commitment, respect dedication to their team and focus would be very much appreciated.

In the end we want our practices to be fun, we want all the boys to feel a part of the team and see the improvement in their game and at the end of the season we want them all to want to come back and play next season that is our true measure of a successful season,  it just becomes harder to help them improve and keep things fun if on any given day we are in the position of feeling more like babysitters than coaches. 


Thanks again for all your support, see you at the field, 


Coach Phil & Chris 

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2021 COVID Required Pre-Screen before Practice/Games
by posted 03/19/2021

Aligning with US Lacrosse guidelines for Return to Play for the 2021 Lacrosse Season, to follow is a link to a COVID-19 Pre-Screening Form that is required to be filled out by all players before every practice and game in order for your son/daughter to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact   or  .


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by posted 03/15/2021

Aligning with US Lacrosse guidelines for Return to Play for the 2021 Lacrosse Season, to follow is a link to a COVID-19 Waiver/Release Form that is required to be signed by all players and parents in order for your son/daughter to participate.  Thank you to those that have already completed the waiver.  If the waiver is not completed, your child will not be able to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact   or  .

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