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"Lotsa Lax" Weekend -May 15-16
by posted 05/11/2021

Good Afternoon-

We have a lot of lacrosse this weekend for our U8 boys, so we wanted to touch base with some information and a few changes.

For Saturday we are schedule to play North Haven (away) at 2:30. North Haven only has 14 players and did not want to schedule a double header so we really cannot show up with all 45 of our players as it would result in mass chaos on the sidelines and each player getting very minimal time on the field. For this reason, we are asking that only the 2nd graders show up to this game and we will look to find another game at a later date for just the 1st graders. We do want to make sure that we have enough 2nd graders so if you have a second-grade player and you will not be able to make it please let us know as soon as possible because if we end up needing to fill in some spots, we will select some 1st graders to join us.

Sunday will more than make up for playing time for all the boys, we are hosting Madison who also has around 40 players. Madison has also had a hard time finding other towns to play who have similar numbers or a u8 program at all. Collectively we decided that since both towns have the numbers and want to get the boys as much game time as possible, we will play four games simultaneously starting at 11:30. After the first game we will rotate the teams and play four more games simultaneously starting at 12:30 and we will wrap up the day at 1:30. Once again if you think you will not be able to attend these games, please let us know so we can make any adjustments. If our numbers drop below 40 for Sunday, we will then probably switch it up and play 3 games at a time. Another reminder that picture day is also this Sunday, we have not been given a time yet but you should receive a notice about that from the site soon. 

Lastly, I know a lot of you stick around for our practices so I am hoping I can get some volunteers to string up two more lacrosse cages which we will need for Sunday. If you can help, please come see me prior to practice so I can get you all set up for stringing up a cage.


Thank you,

Coach Phil

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Game Info
by posted 05/06/2021

Good Morning All-

This Saturday we have a game at TW1 against Cheshire, once again due to the numbers we will have two (and possibly three) games simultaneously so that we can get the boys as much playing time as possible. We have noticed that several boys are coming to practice without mouthguards, we let this slide for practice but please make sure that your player has one for the game. We are not allowed to let the boys play without one and it is a very important piece of equipment. 

As we approach the second half of our season we continue to try and find additional towns who have a U8 programs for us to schedule more games. Our goal every year is get the boys in at least 8-10 games in the season. Some towns have programs but only have around a dozen kids, we cannot show up to play a team who has 12 kids with our 45 the result would be very little playing time for the all the boys.  To address this situation, we are trying to set up multiple dates with these teams who have fewer numbers and if we cannot schedule another game on that same day what we will do is split the roster in half and then designate which players will show up for the game on that day. The split will be random, and, in the end, we will make sure that all the boys have the opportunity to play the same amount of games so please stay tuned for more information and if we have to split the squad on any given game day please make sure to let us know if your player will not be playing that day so we can fill in any open spots. 


Looking forward to our game on Saturday!



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Picture Day ~ Link to Order
by posted 05/05/2021

Picture day is scheduled for Sunday, May 16th at Town Woods for all teams.  The schedule for each team's timeslot will be posted by the end of the week.  All pictures are to be pre-ordered this year.  Any questions can be directed to  .

To follow is the link to place your orders.  

**Online Ordering** To order your picture package online, please visit:


Under Private Galleries enter “LAXCTT

You must place your order online by midnight Sunday, May16th.



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by posted 05/04/2021



Fundraiser Dates:  May 4 - May 18 



Show your support for TICKS Lacrosse with Helmet Numbers, Helmet Decals, Car Decals and Magnets! 

Don’t delay, order now! Use the link below to place your order for TICKS Lacrosse Decals and Magnets.  Order now event ends on May 18th. Any questions can be directed to .

All orders will be shipped directly to you via USPS once the event ends on May 18th. 






Go Ticks!    







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by posted 03/15/2021

Aligning with US Lacrosse guidelines for Return to Play for the 2021 Lacrosse Season, to follow is a link to a COVID-19 Waiver/Release Form that is required to be signed by all players and parents in order for your son/daughter to participate.  Thank you to those that have already completed the waiver.  If the waiver is not completed, your child will not be able to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact   or  .

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