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Change Team: 
Player Expectorations
by posted 05/23/2022

Hello Team Parents-

Just about every season (in particular with the younger teams) I reach out to the parents and ask for some support with the messaging we are delivering to the boys on a weekly basis. I have found that if our messaging as coaches is in line with what their parents are reiterating at home it helps the entire team at the practices and in games.

For those who attended the CONNY games this weekend, it was clear that our group of players were having difficulty with some basic requirements for a team to compete, for the players to improve and have fun. I do always keep in mind the boys ages and the developmental mindset of a 2nd/ 3rd grader however as you saw with many of the other teams (who were also the same age) what we were asking of the boys (and often screaming from the sideline...lol) isn’t unrealistic.

For those players who will continue with Ticks Lax one of our goals at this point in the season is to start to prepare them for the next year (and some the next level) .  The three current coaches will move on next year to coach the ¾ A team and we hope that many of our current players have the desire and dedication to improve and secure a spot on that roster. However, to do so there will be some player “bad” habits that will need changed.

 For the balance of this season, we will be explaining to the boys tonight that they will be expected to adhere to the three following team “rules”:

  1. During games/practices there will no longer be any sitting on the ground or laying down on the sideline. They will be exptected to be up on the line waiting to be subbed in, watching the game, learning, and cheering on thier teammates. 
  2. During games there will be no removal of equipment until after the game has ended (unless injured).
  3. We will expect the kids to run during drills and games and try their best to focus during our games and practices. 

If you can help reiterate this message on game day, at home, or whenever you are talking about the lacrosse with your player that would be appreciated. I did notice that some kids do have issues with drinking their water without removing their helmets due to the type of water bottles they have, if possible, please send them to practice and games with a water bottle they can drink from without removing their helmet.

To be clear, our overall goal as a team and club has not changed, we want all our players to have fun, learn and develop a passion for the sport of lacrosse. None of these changes are being driven by game outcomes (wins or losses), we always tell the boys we don't care what the end score is as long as we can walk off the field with our heads high knowing we tried our best, we hussled and worked hard.  

Some  boys will improve faster than others the skills do take some time to develop and learn, that is expected. At this age they should be trying out all types of sports some will gravitate to baseball, or soccer and in trying lacrosse some will realize that that contact sports just isn’t their thing. As coaches we want to make sure we are giving them all the tools and experience to enjoy the game and improve their individual and team skills and be safe, this becomes more a challenge when we find ourselves on the sidelines feeling more like babysitters than coaches. So if we can make these few adjustments as a team it will go a long way to elevate the entire team,  the indivdual players skill level, understanding of the game and thier overall enjoyment.

Thank you all for supporting our team and our club, we hope your players is enjoying the season and are planning on playing again with the Ticks next year.


See you at the field, 

Coach Phil 

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Additional Information for CONNY Tourney Sunday, May 22
by posted 05/20/2022

From Madison Youth Lacrosse:
We are looking forward to having you in Madison on Sunday!!
It is going to be congested, please allow ample time to navigate traffic and parking. There is no parking allowed in businesses across the street (they will tow). Overflow can go to the Hammonasset State Park side or main parking area. We strongly encourage carpooling!

No dogs allowed. 

No grills allowed at Salt Meadow during this event. Taco Pacifico and Kit Kats Ice-cream will be our food vendors for the day!

There will be a T-shirt/sweatshirt vendor, Northwest Designs selling CONNY Tournament merch as well as Chill Life and USA Lacrosse will be onsite selling their products.
There will be a licensed trainer onsite for the day in the main tent.  We will provide a bin with basic first aid kits and ice packs at each field but if you or a player need medical attention, please notify or go to the main tent.
Finally, please stop by the main tent before your first game as we have small sportsmanship awards to give to coaches to present at the end of each game, to an opposing player.  

Thank you for your support to make this a wonderful day!!! 

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CONNY Game Schedule
by posted 05/18/2022

Hello All 


Lots of lacrosse this weekend, it starts with our game on Saturday at 9am vs. Guilford at TW1, please have your player there by 8:30. 

Our schedule is finalized for the CONNY tournament this Sudnay at Salt Meadow Park in Madison. Below are the times and fields for our four games:


9am Field 4 Ticks vs Guilford Green

10 am field 5 Ticks vs Madison 

11 am Field 5 Ticks vs Amity

1 pm Field 2 Ticks vs Guilford White 


The games will be 25 minutes running time, 3 pass attempt rule with face offs after every goal.  Looks like it will be a hot one so please bring lots of water! 


See you at the field. 





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