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Reminder: 9AM today
by posted 05/22/2022

TICKS Junior - we have NINE PLAYERS here. Please get to town woods ASAP.

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Tournament Snacks & Drinks
by posted 05/20/2022

Hello All -


To add to Coach Petes last message, if everyone can bring a snack or drinks to share with the teams that would be appreciated. It's a long day and there will be vendors but having something inbetween games for engery is always a plus. 

Thanks again for all your support this season, the boys have been getting better and better each week and they have been a lot of fun to have as a team, can't belive the season is almost over. 

See you in Colchester. 



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Colchester Jamboree Saturday!
by posted 05/19/2022

Ticks Junior Families,

This Saturday is the Chap & Graham Jamboree in Colchester. Each squad will play four 25-minute games. It's going to be a blast.   It's also going to be HOT.  Please make sure your player has plenty to drink.  We will have a canopy, and will stake out a "home base" area for in between games.
Here's the Schedule (as it stands, these things are hard to plan, and last minute changes are always a possibility):
12:00:  All Players should be on site, in their gear, and ready to warm up
12:30:  BLUE v RHAM - Field R6     |  ORANGE v Somers - Field R7
 2:00:  BLUE v Tolland - Field R8  |  ORANGE v Colchester - Field R6
 3:00:  BLUE v Groton - Field R7   |  
 4:00:  BLUE v Somers - Field R7   |
 5:00:                             |  ORANGE v Tolland - Field R7
 7:00:                             |  ORANGE v Norwich - Field R6
See you there!
Coaches Pete, Phil, Chris, and Pete. 

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Stonington Tomorrow
by posted 05/17/2022

Ticks Junior BLUE Families,
We played two hard games this weekend against very skilled opponents. I'd like to reiterate what I told your boys on Sunday. 
I do not care about the score nearly as much as I care about how well they are playing.  We had two squads show up thinking they had an easy win in their pocket, and instead these kids fought them for every inch of field.  We played Madison back in the ice breaker tournament to start the season. It was a 9 goal shutout in 25 minutes where we had a hard time even getting the ball out of our defensive end. Six weeks later, we held them to a 7-1 loss in a full 60 minute game where they had to work hard to stop us from clearing the ball and going on the attack.  
We should all be VERY proud of these boys.
Now, we have a rematch against Stonington tomorrow.  If we bring our best effort, we have a good chance of beating them.   
PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE GAME TOMORROW. I know weeknights can be challenging, and we do not usually do Wednesdays. 
Thanks, and see you on the field!
  - Coach Pete

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Weekend Games - May 14/15
by posted 05/12/2022

Ticks Junior BLUE families!

This week's practices went very well, and you should be proud of all of these boys for their dedication and hard work.

We have two games this weekend:

  • Saturday: 9 AM vs Stonington.  Warmup at 8:30 on Town Woods 3 (The field next to our usual practice space)
  • Sunday: 10:30 AM vs Madison.  Warmup at 10 AM on Town Woods 2.


Thanks to all of you. I look forward to getting back on the field!
- Coach Pete

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