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by posted 05/23/2022

Great weekend to all the girls. I know yesterday was a little tough with the heat and also the no subs the last 2 games but everyone played hard. Tonight the other team has off so we are going to practice on the turf. I know we have a bunch of days in a row of lax which I love and hoping the girls do too, so practice tonight will be just easy walk thru stuff to get ready for our game tomorrow night. The girls are improving everyday and I would love to keep this improvment going till the end of the season.


See everyone tonight.



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by posted 05/20/2022

Hello Parents!

This is going to be busy weekend for our girls.

Tomorrow's game against Branford 11am- please arrive at 10:30 for warm ups.

(60 Blackstone Ave. Branford)

60 Blackstone Av
Here is the schedule for our CONNY tournament on Sunday.


Please arrive at 8am to warm up.

Our schedule is as follows:

8:30am -vs. Ticks Orange This game is on Field 4

9:30am -vs. Madison Black Field 5

11:30am-vs. Guilford Green Field 5

12:30pm-vs. Madison Gold Field 5



Please keep in mind that Sunday is supposed to be 90 degrees! 

We are looking for tents, if any parent has one please let us know asap.

We also looking for volunteers to bring snacks and water/gatorade. 


See you all tomorrow!

Coach Jill



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Additional Information for CONNY Tourney Sunday, May 22
by posted 05/20/2022

From Madison Youth Lacrosse:
We are looking forward to having you in Madison on Sunday!!
It is going to be congested, please allow ample time to navigate traffic and parking. There is no parking allowed in businesses across the street (they will tow). Overflow can go to the Hammonasset State Park side or main parking area. We strongly encourage carpooling!

No dogs allowed. 

No grills allowed at Salt Meadow during this event. Taco Pacifico and Kit Kats Ice-cream will be our food vendors for the day!

There will be a T-shirt/sweatshirt vendor, Northwest Designs selling CONNY Tournament merch as well as Chill Life and USA Lacrosse will be onsite selling their products.
There will be a licensed trainer onsite for the day in the main tent.  We will provide a bin with basic first aid kits and ice packs at each field but if you or a player need medical attention, please notify or go to the main tent.
Finally, please stop by the main tent before your first game as we have small sportsmanship awards to give to coaches to present at the end of each game, to an opposing player.  

Thank you for your support to make this a wonderful day!!! 

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Practice Tonight Cancel
by posted 05/16/2022

Good afternoon,


I just wanted to let everyone know that we are canceling practice tonight. The weather is suppose to be bad right during our practice time.  See everyone on wednesday for practice.

Also, I wanted to say thank you again to all the parents that drove the girls to stamford yesterday. I know it was a rough drive lots of traffice but our girls played great. Even though we had hardly any subs and it was very hot they worked so hard. Stamford was a good fight. 

I'm super impressed how well the girls are doing this season they are improving each day.

Looking forward to another busy weekend of games for us this weekend!!!



Coach Jill 

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by posted 05/13/2022

Sorry.  I forgot to tell you guys if the girls plan on going today make sure they have on uniforms and bring sticks/goggles/mouthguard. Some players are playing during halftime.



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OS/LOLHS Game Today
by Kat Oliver posted 05/13/2022


Hope Everyone is excited for today's game!

In regards to parking for today's game. Please utilize the student parking lot adjacent to the field as opposed to in front of the maintenance garage bays.


Hope to see you all there! 



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High School Game
by posted 05/13/2022

Good morning,


 I know we got an email about this but just a reminder. Today is the old lyme v old saybrook game. That old lyme invited us to. A couple other ticks teams are going but if any of our girls could go that would be great. It is at lyme/old lyme high school. They would like the girls there around 3:15 but I know that is cutting it close to end of school time. It will be great for the girls to go and watch. I have somthing right before but I will be there around 4pm. 




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Practice canceled
by posted 05/11/2022

Good morning/ afternoon,


Tonight I am going to have to cancel practice. My grandpa passed away late last night. He's been sick for a couple weeks but everything happened so suddenly. I feel bad because I know how much the girls love it. I just need a day to be with my family. I will see everyone on Saturday for our game at 12:30pm town woods, old lyme. Please arrive at 12pm.





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Jillian Temple 
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