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Reminder: 9AM today
by posted 05/22/2022

TICKS Junior - we have NINE PLAYERS here. Please get to town woods ASAP.

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Jamboree - Folding Table?
by posted 05/20/2022

To complete the Pete-Phil-Pete email Trifecta:


If anyone has a folding table they could bring tomorrow, it would be useful and appreciated. 



  - Coach Pete 


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Tournament Snacks & Drinks
by posted 05/20/2022

Hello All -


To add to Coach Petes last message, if everyone can bring a snack or drinks to share with the teams that would be appreciated. It's a long day and there will be vendors but having something inbetween games for engery is always a plus. 

Thanks again for all your support this season, the boys have been getting better and better each week and they have been a lot of fun to have as a team, can't belive the season is almost over. 

See you in Colchester. 



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Colchester Jamboree Saturday!
by posted 05/19/2022

Ticks Junior Families,

This Saturday is the Chap & Graham Jamboree in Colchester. Each squad will play four 25-minute games. It's going to be a blast.   It's also going to be HOT.  Please make sure your player has plenty to drink.  We will have a canopy, and will stake out a "home base" area for in between games.
Here's the Schedule (as it stands, these things are hard to plan, and last minute changes are always a possibility):
12:00:  All Players should be on site, in their gear, and ready to warm up
12:30:  BLUE v RHAM - Field R6     |  ORANGE v Somers - Field R7
 2:00:  BLUE v Tolland - Field R8  |  ORANGE v Colchester - Field R6
 3:00:  BLUE v Groton - Field R7   |  
 4:00:  BLUE v Somers - Field R7   |
 5:00:                             |  ORANGE v Tolland - Field R7
 7:00:                             |  ORANGE v Norwich - Field R6
See you there!
Coaches Pete, Phil, Chris, and Pete. 

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Looking for Subs - Blue team v Stonington Tomorrow
by posted 05/17/2022



The blue team has a rematch against Stonington 6PM tomorrow night, at Stonington HS MP Field in Pawcatuck. 


Weeknight road games always tough for folks, so I could use 4-6 subs to come help us out.  If your player would like to join us, please just drop me an email (Pete.susi@gmail.com, or reply to this message) and let me know. 


Stonington beat us 6-4 last game, so this will be a competitve matchup.  Bring your game face and be ready to run hard at 5:30 for warmups!



See you on the field!

 - Coach Pete 

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