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Thanks to all who donated gear!! 

We had mutiple families find new-to-them equipment. 

See you next year.  




Date & Location

Date: Saturday March 18th  

Location: Town Woods (parking lot)

Time:  10:30am to Noon



Acceptable gear includes:  sticks, helmets, gloves, elbow pads, cleats, chest protectors (meeting currenty safety standards) and lacrosse gear bags.  All must be in good playable condition.


For existing lacrosse families...this will be a true swap with no exchange of money.  For example; if you donate 3 items, you will be entitled to swap for the same.


For new-to-lacrosse families, please use the singup link below to identifiy your needs.  We will do our best to provide some gear relief to all families just getting into lacrosse, once we have all the inventory identified.      


Based on your selection in the signup form, any non-swapped items will be donated to the Ticks program or returned to you.  Be aware that we cannot guarantee that you will find a swap item that meets your exact needs...so it's possible that you will donate an item but not find one for yourself.  And if another player swaps for your donated item it will not be returned to you.  Parents please consider this possibility before donating, as we will not be comparing swaps, nor is there a guarantee you will get anything in return for your donation. 


The intent of this program is to help people who need "next size up gear" and to help lacrosse be more accessible to those who want to give lacrosse a shot.  


Note:  This is our first year pulling this together in this way, so I'm sure we'll learn from it.  Be patient with us!


Signup Link



Drop off Direction & Locations

Drop off desired by March 12th.


Please be sure to put your swap items in a bag that has a name tag or family identifier on it.  A cinched garbage bag with a paper inside with your family name would be ideal.  This will help with our inventory tracking efforts.  


Drop off at any of the locations below....the sooner the better.  No contact needed, just have your family name clearly visible in the bag.


In Old Saybrook...

Mellisa Pensa Sharr - 1 West View Circle, Old Saybrook

Andrea Rago - 41 Meadowood Lane, Old Saybrook

Chris Antonino - 280 Ingham Hill Rd, Old Saybrook


In Essex...

Brook Streit - 38 Laurel Rd, Essex


In Old Lyme...

Phil Orlando - 61 Rowland Rd, Old Lyme



Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions to any of the drop off location folks with any questions.



Mellisa Pensa Sharr

Andrea Rago