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Field Usage

As many of you have noticed most of our teams have played away games this year.  This was done because of the issue that we as an organization encountered last year with Old Lyme Park and Rec and the lack of field space for TICKS in surrounding areas where our players and families live. 

Phil and I, together with a parent representative from Old Saybrook and the Tri-Town are (Chester, Deep River and Essex) recently attended the board meeting for Old Lyme Park and Rec regarding TICKS usage of fields in Old Lyme (High School Turf and Town Woods) and Old Saybrook.  The result of the board meeting was that for the remainder of this year our field usage would stand.  However, in planning for next year, as a whole our organization needs to find and secure fields in the Tri-Town area.  We will have an additional dedicated field for our use in Old Saybrook next year for both games and practices off of Schoolhouse Road.  However, we do not have any confirmed field usage in the Tri-Town area. 

As an organization every effort will need to be made to secure usage in the Tri-Town area before the start of next season.  Not necessarily for games, but at the very least for practice fields.  If we cannot secure field usage in the Tri-Town area for next year, then Tri-Town players will be expected to pay an additional fee of $100 on top of the regular registration fee which will then be a “pass through” to the town of Old Lyme for field maintenance.  As a call to action the TICKS organization is going to request and expect that those parents who have players who live in the Tri-Town area will start to attend their towns Park and Rec meetings and school board meetings to bring this issue to light and help secure some field space in either the towns of Essex, Chester or Deep River for TICKS to use throughout the season. TICKS Board Members will also attend these meetings to provide support, data and historical information, and while we do not expect a resolution overnight we need to start this process now so that in the future we have the space for our children to play.  If you have any questions or suggestions on next steps with the town, please contact me at  .


by posted 05/19/2022
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