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Ticks Alumni Spotlight - Scarlette Graybill

Scarlette grew up in Old Lyme and is currently a sophomore at Williston Northhampton.  She is on pace for a tremendous career at one of the top prep programs in New England.  After just her first year, she was named All NEPSAC.  With 66 goals through 13 games, she's posted 119 tallies in only a short time with the team.  Importantly, she's helped her team to an 12-1 mark in the 2024 campaign.  In the classroom she has a 4.0 GPA while carrying AP and Honors level courses.

What's made Scarlette successful? Hardwork and practice.  Building her foundation through the Ticks program, she works on her skills two hours a day.  She compliments her offensive game with focused effort winning the ball back and creating turnovers.  She cites the Ticks program with teaching her the game, but also giving her the confidence and determination to play at one of the highest levels of the game.

She plays with Dewlax Navy also and recently was named to the CONNY All American team for the summer.  She has the goal of taking her game to the next level in Division 1.

Scarlette, congratulations on your achievements to-date and representing our Ticks program.

Volunteer Opportunities - Immediate and 2025


The season is in full swing, with successful results all around.  The Board is working hard on supporting our teams and coaches throughout the season.  But we are also looking ahead.

We need YOUR HELP! Email if interested.

We have immediate opportunity for:

  • Social Media/Communications - responsible for the website and updating Instagram and Facebook with information, pictures and news, publicizing Ticks across the platforms

We have openings with ability to shadow the position for the season for the following:

  • Master Field Scheduler - works with the overall scheduling coordinators and the towns for practice and game availability.  This work is focused on January to March.
  • Sponsorship Director - Leads year round sponsorship and fundraising for the Ticks organization, working closely with communications and social media to ensure sponsor exposure and recruit/retain sponsors
  • Uniform Coordinator - Leads our relationships with external vendors around ordering uniforms and maintaining team store.  Includes selecting coaches gear, pop up shops, and uniform updates.

Again - please reach out to if interested.


A message as we start our season! Ticks Tough


Ticks seeks to create not only a fun and competitive lacrosse environment across our towns, but instill a strong sense of community, sportsmanship, grit, and team first attitude in its players.  Leading with the philosophy of “Ticks Tough”, we believe firmly that in being a great teammate, respecting coaches, officials, and opponents, and focusing on winning fundamentals we will create long lasting positive outcomes for our players on the field and off.  While winning is a goal, our organization is far more interested in the process that goes into it.  In registering your player for Ticks, they will not only enhance their passion and learning of lacrosse, but be challenged to be an excellent teammate, sportsman, and leader.

We encourage all our players, coaches, volunteers to abide by "Ticks Tough".  Being Ticks Tough means:

1.) Respect – Player respects coaches, referees, opponents and teammates

2.) 3 E’s – Effort, Enthusiasm, Energy on the field and off

3.) Fun – Player is having fun and ensures their teammates are as well

4.) Player Foundations built around:

•Dominating Groundballs

•Creating and Seeking Turnovers

•Stellar Defense

•Pass then Shoot Mentality


5.) Ours over Mine, We over Me Mentality

6.) Games make Good/Practice make Great


Bulldog Lacrosse Day Camp will be held on the campus of Yale University from June 24th to June 27th 2024, from 9:00am-1:00pm. This is a 4 day instructional camp that will provide the opportunity to learn from members of the Yale Men's Lacrosse Staff, area College Coaches, local High School Coaches, and Yale Men's Lacrosse Players. Each day will consist of both individual and team skill development. These skills will be incorporated into live situational and game like play as well. Campers entering grades 3-12 are eligible to attend.

Bulldog Lacrosse Camp Registration Link

Bulldog Lacrosse Camp Flyer

Matt Dalton - --Bulldog Lacrosse Camp Staff


Uniform Ordering and New Store!


Ticks parents, players and fans.  We are excited to begin the season.  Two important pieces in getting ready for the season.


1.) We will continue to use Squad Locker as our uniform provider.  Please order your uniforms as soon as possible.  The link on the site for "Team Store" will be active up until March 22nd.


2.) We are partnering with a new provider of fan and player gear (excepting uniforms).  Signature Lacrosse is the premier provider in club lacrosse.  We are excited by their new logos, gear, and also the ability of players to order gear through the site.  A portion of all proceeds goes to Ticks.  We will be doing several custom stores - Carhart, Nike, Under Armour - as well. Please take a look and order your gear today!


Come March 23rd, we will change the link to the Team Store to direct to Signature Lacrosse as well.



Need for Volunteers


As we begin the season we have a number of open positions to fill for a successful season.  Please email if interested.

-Field Coordinator - Works across our towns to secure field space for practices and games 

-Uniform Coordinator - Works with our suppliers and coaches to ensure uniforms and gear are available for our players prior to and throughout the season

-Fundraising Coordinator - Works with our sponsors to notify them of sponsorship opportunities, collect payment, and coordinate placement of logos and promotional materials

-Communications - Works to increase awareness of Ticks across our geography using social media, email, and other campaigns to increase registration, player retention, etc.

We also have a number of "shadow positions".  This will allow the volunteer to participate in a learning capacity for 2024 prior to taking over the role in 2025.

-Equipment Coordinator - Responsible for tracking inventory and ordering program level equipment (balls, goals, etc.) prior to and throughout the season

-Girls Scheduling Coordinator - Responsible for scheduling games with other programs, including jamborees/tournaments for all levels of the girls program.  Works closely with Field Coordinator.

-Boy Scheduling Coordinator - Responsible for scheduling games with other programs, including jamborees/tournaments for all levels of the boys program.  Works closely with Field Coordinator.

-Girls Ref Coordinator - Responsible for coordinating referees for games prior to the season.  Works closely with Field Coordinator and Girls Scheduling Coordinator.

-Boys Ref Coordinator - Responsible for coordinating referees for games prior to the season.   Works closely with Field Coordinator and Boys Scheduling Coordinator.


Thank you for considering. 


Keep up with us on social media!

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Follow us on Instagram   TICKS Lacrosse


Registration is open for TICKS 2024 Lacrosse Season

By TICKS BOD 01/15/2024, 12:25pm EST

Below are the links to register:

Mini-Ticks Registration

Bantam Boys (Grades 1-2)

Bantam Girls (Grades 1-2)

Lighnting Boys (Grades 3-4)

Lightning Girls (Grades 3-4)

Junior/Senior Boys (Grades 5-8)

Junior/Senior Girls (Grades 5-8)

Please note that registration will close on February 2, 2024. A link for new players to order uniforms will be sent out after you register your player.  We look forward to the upcoming 2024 TICKS season.

Boys Indoor Lacrosse WWIS Grades 6-8

By TICKS BOD 11/16/2023, 4:30pm EST



Welcome to the 2024 TICKS Coaches Lacrosse Registration!

Please use this registration to register as a coach for the 2024 TICKS Lacrosse Season.  Please note that you must have a valid USA Lacrosse Coaches number to register. Click here to register for coaching.

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